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Servo is a parallel web browser.

Talk at LinuxCon 2014 North America on Servo and its embedding support.

Manticore (OSX, Linux)

Manticore is a parallel programming language and runtime optimized for manycore computers. It is based on the ML family of languages, extended with a variety of explicit and implicitly-threaded parallel language features.

Standard ML of New Jersey (ALL)

SML/NJ is a compiler for the Standard ML language. It is a relatively mature implementation, and most of my work has been on minor feature polish and platform specific optimizations and bugfixing.

iDraft (iOS)

iDraft provided information on the 2009 NFL draft. It had breakdowns by college player, professional team, and a list of all the free agents then on the market.

WiFi Checker (iOS)

WiFi Checker is a simple application that scans all of the local WiFi networks. After over 1 million downloads under the name WiFinder, Apple has requested that I stop updating it. If you’ve got a developer key and want to build it for yourself, the sources are available here. Don’t reuse the artwork elsewhere.

Split the Bill (iOS)

Split the Bill is a simple application to let you enter items from, say, a restaurant bill, assign them to the folks who were there (or as shared), and which then breaks down the calculations of how much each person owes. One interesting thing it does is calculate tip off of only the items you had, not the items + tax (as most of the “tip calculator” applications do). One of these days I’ll update it again, for those ten people a month who purchase it by accident.

Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio is a suite of tools that aid in software development for the Microsoft Windows platform. During my seven years there, I directly worked on the Academic version, a slew of pieces of the environment (tool windows, settings customization, upgrade between versions, UNICODE API support on Win9x, etc.), and completely overhauled the build and source code control system for the division (~1200 developers at the time). As a manager, I lead a small team in the prototyping effort that would directly become the new text editor, lead to a slew of patents in debugging and online tools, and did the early work building and convincing the division that frameworks like MEF and exposing the compiler’s internals were important.

IncGoogleSearch (.NET)

Back before it became trendy (circa 2002), I whipped up a tool to do incremental web search using Google’s APIs. Screenshot, binaries, and source available.

Nuance (WinCE)

I, with Neill Miller, put together the best editor that ever existed on H/PC Pro devices.

Scheme 48

Scheme 48 is an implementation of the Scheme programming language. I ported it to Windows, the Sony AIBO (dog) robots, Windows CE HPC/Pro devices, supported an introductory programming sequence that used it, and added ActiveX support to it.