Lars Bergstrom

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I am a researcher at Mozilla, currently working on the servo parallel web browser project.

I recently got my Ph.D. from the University of Chicago‘s Computer Science department, studying under Dr. John Reppy. My Master’s paper was on the implementation of analysis and optimization passes in our parallel compiler, Manticore. My Ph.D. research was on how to add mutation safely and efficiently into a functional parallel programming language. I've also been doing work on our runtime, garbage collector, and most recently some extensions to control-flow analysis.

Before that, over the course of seven years I was a manager and a developer at Microsoft in the Visual Studio organization, working on next-generation software development tools technology out at the Redmond, WA offices.

More of my work and education history is in my resume.


I’m married to the beautiful Yee Man, and we have a son named Eric.

I have a brother who keeps busy and thinks I’m crazy to sit at a desk all day.

My dad works on some of the most heavy metal in the world.

My parents live back in beautiful Indiana, near the amazing city of Chicago.

My hobby is powerlifting. I lift at Lance's Gym (though I also have a membership at B&W Gym for their strongman equipment and soon-to-be-delivered monolift).


I have served on the program committee for the following conferences and workshops:

I have acted as a reviewer for HASKELL, ICFP, PLDI, OOPSLA, DAMP, POPL, and JFP.